Taking Control of Your Internet Security

January 09, 2014

In 2018 America, a tough new reality exists. Are bulletproof backpacks the answer? No. Of course not. 

It's actually absurd to us that these products sell so well. But even though our team at Bulletproof Workspace is made up of post 9/11 military veterans, we all have children. And we worry, just like you. If we have the capability to do something to help mitigate shooting tragedies, we feel it is our obligation to do so.

Bulletproof backpacks are not the solution to this complex issue. The real solution is layered security for schools, situational awareness, stricter gun laws, and a stronger mental health treatment system in this country.

The bulletproof backpacks and bulletproof blankets we sell make up just one small component of school safety.

Leveraging the state of Michigan's proud heritage of furniture manufacturing, we are currently developing bulletproof school desks that will stop bullets fired from an AR-15, the weapon used in 6 of the last 10 mass shootings.

Backpacks, unfortunately, will not stop an AR-15 bullet. Instead, they offer ballistic protection against most handgun bullets. So, why sell them? We feel that some protection is better than no protection.

Bulletproof Workspace was founded as Modern Workspace Tech Furniture in 2013 by Post 9/11 veteran of both the US Army and US Air Force Wes O'Donnell. Wes is a speaker and veteran advocate having spoken at TEDx, the US Air Force Academy and numerous corporate clients on getting veterans hired.

Today, we specialize in ONE area... and that's NIJ IIIA level ballistic protection enhanced backpacks and bulletproof blankets for schools. Veteran-owned and proudly made in the state of Michigan, every bulletproof backpack is made to order.

The best part about Bulletproof Workspace, is the amazing feedback from our customers. Wes believes that when you sell similar products that can be found elsewhere, outstanding customer service should be your brand!

So, what happens when a group of military veterans decides to open a bulletproof backpack store?  You have a highly efficient operation with most of our products made in the USA!

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All of our products ship for free within the continental United States! Additionally, we don't charge sales tax on orders placed outside the State of Michigan.

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We take outstanding care of our customers and have earned a reputation as a place you can count on to deliver quality, dependable service.  Especially when you're making a large business purchase, you need to be confident that the company you buy from will support you before AND after the sale.  


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If we're fortunate enough to earn your business, we'll provide you with the professional, prompt and expert service you deserve.  And in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your order or shipment, we'll work to resolve any problems as quickly as possible at no cost to you.  We want you to be happy with the service you receive and will do whatever we can to ensure that's the case – that's our personal guarantee. 

Unfortunately, we don't currently ship internationally; that is, outside of the United States. We are working to include the UK, Canada, and Australia in short order. Check back!

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With all the recent hacking scams as of late it is now more important than ever to make sure your private information remains safe.  There are some simple ways to help safeguard your Internet activity.  One simple ways is to use the new two-step verification processes that is currently offered by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and a list of other companies.  This process requires you to not only provide your password but you must also provide a code which you obtain either through text message or another authentication app which helps to verify your identity.  This would require the hacker not only to have stolen your password but they would also need to have access to a piece of your personal property, for example the phone to which the code is delivered as well, significantly reducing the risk. 

Another thing to check is the URL you're using.  Be sure it reads https indicating a secure connection instead of just http especially when using a public Wi-Fi connection.  Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera offer a program that you can install called HTTPS Everywhere that actually rewrites request to websites increasing the amount of protection you have.

Creating more complex and secure passwords is also another quick and easy way to prevent unauthorized access.  The longer the password the better.  Also a combination of characters, numbers and special symbols also adds to the complexity.  Stay away from names and familiar patterns.  For example pick a phrase or song lyrics holding meaning to you and take the first letter of each word.  Be sure to create different passwords for different sites to prevent total compromise if one of your passwords are hacked.  There are programs such as 1Password or LastPass that aid in keeping track of multiple passwords.

This even possible to make browsing the Internet more secure.  Most search engines save information about you to help identify you and your likes for future use.  Search engine do exist like DuckDuckGo that do not store any personal information and do not tie searches to the individual.  Another option would be to use Google and browse in Incognito mode.  This method is not entirely secure, however, it does have privacy benefits such as not recording your search history and deleting cookies once the browser is closed.

Another more complicated method of security is too used in encrypted email.  Even though major webmail services like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo Mail have tried to increase their encryption standards they are still at risk to security breaches and you do have to go through a third-party when sending an email.  To encrypt your email you're required to download encryption software such as Pretty Good Privacy or the open-source GPG and use compatible email clients such as Thunderbird which is a time-consuming and complicated process.  Also these email interfaces are not very user-friendly or attractive, however, there are developers trying to create more familiar looking interfaces to use this type of email as the demand for increased security rises. 

Email is not the only information you will want to protect, chat logs and cloud storage is also at risk.  As with email encryption, programs are also available for chat logs such as Cryptocat or Pidgin.  BoxCryptor and Cloudfogger are available to protect your information stored in the cloud.

As hackers become more and more clever and more resourceful it is important to make sure you're in control of your security.  Taking these preventative measures now can help avoid disaster later.