iPhone 5S Leaks That You Are Going To Love

September 02, 2013

In 2018 America, a tough new reality exists. Are bulletproof backpacks the answer? No. Of course not. 

It's actually absurd to us that these products sell so well. But even though our team at Bulletproof Workspace is made up of post 9/11 military veterans, we all have children. And we worry, just like you. If we have the capability to do something to help mitigate shooting tragedies, we feel it is our obligation to do so.

Bulletproof backpacks are not the solution to this complex issue. The real solution is layered security for schools, situational awareness, stricter gun laws, and a stronger mental health treatment system in this country.

The bulletproof backpacks and bulletproof blankets we sell make up just one small component of school safety.

Leveraging the state of Michigan's proud heritage of furniture manufacturing, we are currently developing bulletproof school desks that will stop bullets fired from an AR-15, the weapon used in 6 of the last 10 mass shootings.

Backpacks, unfortunately, will not stop an AR-15 bullet. Instead, they offer ballistic protection against most handgun bullets. So, why sell them? We feel that some protection is better than no protection.

Bulletproof Workspace was founded as Modern Workspace Tech Furniture in 2013 by Post 9/11 veteran of both the US Army and US Air Force Wes O'Donnell. Wes is a speaker and veteran advocate having spoken at TEDx, the US Air Force Academy and numerous corporate clients on getting veterans hired.

Today, we specialize in ONE area... and that's NIJ IIIA level ballistic protection enhanced backpacks and bulletproof blankets for schools. Veteran-owned and proudly made in the state of Michigan, every bulletproof backpack is made to order.

The best part about Bulletproof Workspace, is the amazing feedback from our customers. Wes believes that when you sell similar products that can be found elsewhere, outstanding customer service should be your brand!

So, what happens when a group of military veterans decides to open a bulletproof backpack store?  You have a highly efficient operation with most of our products made in the USA!

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The rapidly approaching reveal of the iPhone 5S has sparked a lot of interest in the tech world as well as the many leaks that are surfacing concerning the product.  Apple has seemingly taken a laid back approach concerning these leaks.  It is unknown whether or not this has been done intentionally to promote excitement or they are simply too busy to deal with the issue.  Either way, the information is definitely worth the read. 

The following are some of the more commonly seen leaks:

The iPhone 5S will be hitting the market with two new sleek color options, gold and graphite.  Apple is trying to distinguish itself from the challenges of Samsung by offering a higher end color choice along with its already popular classic options. 

The new model phone will have greater speed and power than its predecessors.  This time Apple has made better use of the interior space inside the case, cleaning up some of the ‘clutter’ of the previous models.  This will allow for a larger battery adding to the phones battery life, a major complaint of iPhone owners.  Also the available space for the processor and graphics card has been increased giving it faster processing times and better graphics which will be beneficial to owners who have multiple apps open simultaneously. 

Like all the iPhones before it, the iPhone 5S will also have a better quality camera.  In technical terms, it will have a dual LED flash with a larger f/2.0 aperture.  For the rest of us, it tells us the camera will have higher quality images due to the increase in light that is able to get through, which also increases its ability to take picture in low-light settings. 

The iPhone 5S is rumored to have a security revolutionary boost as well.  AuthenTec, a company acquired by Apple in 2012, is said to be working with Apple to incorporate a fingerprint scanner to the new iPhone which appears to be replacing the home button, based on leaked images.  This biometric technology has been around for a while, but Apple could become the forerunners by bringing it to mainstream phone technology. 

The above are just a few of the exciting rumored improvements for the new iPhone 5S.  With launch less than a month away our wait will not be long.