iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Buyer's Guide!

September 15, 2013

In 2018 America, a tough new reality exists. Are bulletproof backpacks the answer? No. Of course not. 

It's actually absurd to us that these products sell so well. But even though our team at Bulletproof Workspace is made up of post 9/11 military veterans, we all have children. And we worry, just like you. If we have the capability to do something to help mitigate shooting tragedies, we feel it is our obligation to do so.

Bulletproof backpacks are not the solution to this complex issue. The real solution is layered security for schools, situational awareness, stricter gun laws, and a stronger mental health treatment system in this country.

The bulletproof backpacks and bulletproof blankets we sell make up just one small component of school safety.

Leveraging the state of Michigan's proud heritage of furniture manufacturing, we are currently developing bulletproof school desks that will stop bullets fired from an AR-15, the weapon used in 6 of the last 10 mass shootings.

Backpacks, unfortunately, will not stop an AR-15 bullet. Instead, they offer ballistic protection against most handgun bullets. So, why sell them? We feel that some protection is better than no protection.

Bulletproof Workspace was founded as Modern Workspace Tech Furniture in 2013 by Post 9/11 veteran of both the US Army and US Air Force Wes O'Donnell. Wes is a speaker and veteran advocate having spoken at TEDx, the US Air Force Academy and numerous corporate clients on getting veterans hired.

Today, we specialize in ONE area... and that's NIJ IIIA level ballistic protection enhanced backpacks and bulletproof blankets for schools. Veteran-owned and proudly made in the state of Michigan, every bulletproof backpack is made to order.

The best part about Bulletproof Workspace, is the amazing feedback from our customers. Wes believes that when you sell similar products that can be found elsewhere, outstanding customer service should be your brand!

So, what happens when a group of military veterans decides to open a bulletproof backpack store?  You have a highly efficient operation with most of our products made in the USA!

Free Shipping & No Sales Tax

All of our products ship for free within the continental United States! Additionally, we don't charge sales tax on orders placed outside the State of Michigan.

Outstanding Customer Service

We take outstanding care of our customers and have earned a reputation as a place you can count on to deliver quality, dependable service.  Especially when you're making a large business purchase, you need to be confident that the company you buy from will support you before AND after the sale.  


Our Promise to You

If we're fortunate enough to earn your business, we'll provide you with the professional, prompt and expert service you deserve.  And in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your order or shipment, we'll work to resolve any problems as quickly as possible at no cost to you.  We want you to be happy with the service you receive and will do whatever we can to ensure that's the case – that's our personal guarantee. 

Unfortunately, we don't currently ship internationally; that is, outside of the United States. We are working to include the UK, Canada, and Australia in short order. Check back!

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Everything you need to know about picking up your next iPhone.

The wait is finally over! You can now preorder the newest version of the Apple iPhone.  Whether you choose to go with the lower price plastic, colorful iPhone 5C or the next gen front runner iPhone 5S you will have many decisions to make concerning options, features and add-ons.  Here’s some information to help you with the buying process. 

Image Source: Apple

Those interested in buying an iPhone 5C will have five brilliant colors to choose from along with two storage size options, 16 GB and 32GB.  Pricing of this device is fairly reasonable in conjunction with a two-year contract.  The unlocked version, however, is slightly more pricey.  The iPhone 5C can be preordered through your Apple store or any participating local retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart or your local carrier store.  With a contract offered through either AT&T, Verizon or Sprint you can pick up an iPhone 5C 16GB version for $99 with the 32GB price being $199.  The unlocked version of the iPhone 5C offered through T-Mobile will run you $549 for the 16GB and $649 for the 32GB.  (Not nearly the same economic value but the ability to be without the pesky contract). 

Unlike the iPhone 5C, the new optimal smartphone, the iPhone 5S will not be offered through preorder.  Options for purchasing this phone will be through Apple’s online store where you can order it at midnight on September 20th and pick it up the next morning.  Or you can do it the more traditional way and stand in line.  The lines at Apple stores are expected to be forming well before opening hours on September 20th and most third-party retailers will be offering similar types of lineup options.  Just like the iPhone 5C, there will be discounted options with contract and unlocked versions available for the iPhone 5S.  Similarly the prices seem to be holding steady across all retailers.  With a two-year contract the iPhone 5S 16GB will be available for $199, the 32GB for $299 and the 64GB for $399 through either AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.  The unlocked version which can be purchased through T-Mobile or Apple itself will cost you $649 for the 16GB, $749 for the 32GB and $849 for the 64GB. 

Image Source: Apple

When making such a valuable purchase you want to make sure to protect your investment.  One way to do this is to purchase one of the many cases available for the two newest versions of the iPhone 5.  Apple will be offering two options of first-party cases for both of its new additions to the iPhone line.  For the iPhone 5C, cases will be available in six different colors with a cut out in the back to allow you to see the bright color of the actual phone itself.  These will retail through Apple at $29 apiece.  As far as the iPhone 5S is concerned, there will be a simple leather case offered in six neutral tones retailing for $39.  If these options don’t appeal to you there are always third-party options available.  There is a multitude of options on the internet for cases available for the iPhone 5.  Some of the cases already on sale for the current iPhone 5 may be able to fit the new iPhone 5S but be sure before purchase.  For example, OtterBox who manufactures tough durable cases, has a case available for the current iPhone 5 retailing at $24 which has a cut out included to take advantage of the new fingerprint sensor on the home button of the iPhone 5S.  Moshi is offering metallic iPhone 5S cases for $40 which will give that extra shine, while Spigen has a see-through case for those of us purchasing an iPhone 5C to allow the brilliant color of the actual phone to show through for a mere $11.  Don’t forget to consider protection plans offered through Apple, your retailer or service provider for additional protection for the phone.

Image Source: Moshi 

When considering keeping your phone charged, once again there are many options out there.  Included with your phone will be the lightning to USB charger cable but it is always good to consider either a wall charger, car charger or possibly a docking station.   Apple has these options available.  A wall outlet charger will run you about $20 but there are many third-party options offered often for a better value.  One unique option available is the Eton Rukus Speaker System which is a docking station that not only charges the phone but plays music as well as is solar powered!  This retails around $130 but is well worth it for the unique technology. 

Image Source: Otterbox

The add-ons don’t stop there.  Along with the above mentioned accessories, you may also want to consider a nice new pair of headphones to enjoy the new iTunes Radio feature or any music app of you should choose.  Your phone will come complete with the standard Apple earbud microphone combination set but if you want additional quality, Bose headsets are always a great choice, although rather expensive.  However, there are other third-party options out there that you can pick up for under $50.  Also, with the cold weather quickly approaching, a pair of touchscreen ready gloves to keep your hands toasty while still functional would be a great buy.  Or if you would prefer the Bamboo Pen Duo is always another good choice. 

Image Source: AppleImage Source: Eton Rukus

Whichever model you choose or options you include, the upcoming release date of the iPhone 5C and 5S is quickly approaching.  Now you’re ready to make the best choice for you to enjoy this new technology.