Every Story Needs a Hero

Our Customers Are the Heroes of Our Story


From the beginning, we told ourselves that we would be customer focused.  Sounds nice, right?  We've all heard the corporate jargon from companies that say they’re customer-centric… phrases like “long-term client relationships”, “customer-focused approach” and “exceed client expectations”.  Et cetera…

At Modern Workspace, 10 > 100

For some companies, it’s not just jargon; it’s not just fluffy mission statements about customer excellence.  Some companies genuinely go out of their way to take care of their customers because they believe that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer.  A happy customer will evangelize their direct experience to others. In our opinion, 10 evangelizing customers are better than 100 advertisements.

At Modern Workspace, we believe, with 100% certainty, that “happy evangelizing customers based on positive direct experience” is the only sustainable source of long-term profits.

In addition, we believe that companies that use any form of coercion, trickery or misleading advice may indeed generate short-term profits, but such tactics will ultimately destroy the firm.

Communication is KEY

In this day and age of electronic communication, there is absolutely no excuse for not responding to a customer inquiry instantly.  We take great pride in being able to solve our customer’s problems quickly and economically, and that’s ultimately the business that we’re in.

We’re not in the retail business…  We’re in the problem-solving business.

It’s not about us, it’s about what problem can we solve for you.  When you come to us, you need a problem solved; you don’t want us to hand you more problems.  Let us use an example from a recent interaction of a Modern Workspace employee at a popular large book retailer that she recently visited in person: 

Ready to leave, she proceeded to the checkout line to pay for her book.  The clerk asked if she would like a membership card that would only cost her $X amount but would save her X% on future purchases.  After replying “no thank you”, the clerk then insisted “Are you sure? You will save XY% the next time you make a purchase and you would have saved $XYZ on today’s purchase.”  Again, she replied “no thank you, I’m in a bit of a hurry.”  In essence, she, like 99% of retail customers, just wanted to pay and leave.

Of course, if we dig deeper into this example, the clerk is not really at fault here.  The clerk, in fact, had a problem of his own:  his manager told him to push X amount of memberships over the course of his shift at the checkouts.  Now the clerk is passing his problems onto his customers in an attempt to solve his own problem.      

So, what problem can we solve for you?  How can we make your job easier?

We start with this:

Quality.  Only the highest quality products leave our docks.  Quality control is serious business around here.  Our manufacturer’s warranties back that up and ensure that you can buy with confidence.

Free shipping on everything in the store.  All the time. Any product. Period.

Price.  The best value around for our industry:  Some of the lowest prices on the web + free shipping means we value-add every interaction with us.  Add that together with our award-winning pre & post-sales support and you can expect maximum Return-On-Investment from your business with us.

Instant Communication.  As we stated earlier, in the 21st Century there is no excuse for a delay in communication.  Call us, send us an email or message us on Facebook.  We will respond as fast as the speed of light and other general laws of physics allow. 




Feedback.  We take customer feedback and actually incorporate it.  Large companies are like a cruise ship; when you turn the wheel, you go straight for a long time before slowly starting the turn.  At Modern Workspace, we’re like a jet ski; if a customer suggests a better way of doing business we make the turn and BAM! we go in a new direction.  Such examples include a valued customer that notified us that our phone number was off by a digit on our homepage, which we fixed 5 minutes later resulting in triple the call volume at our offices.  On a different occasion, a customer asked us to add something to our product line so that they could buy from us instead of a competitor because they liked our Customer Service better.  Product line added… Customer Happy.

“Difficult we can handle. It is impossible that takes a little extra effort.” – Wes O’Donnell, Founder Modern Workspace

Examples of Customer Problems that we have solved:

Problem:  A customer at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine needed a telemedicine cart with very specific delivery requirements.  No one at the hospital would be available to assemble the cart at the shipping destination and they needed it ready to go the day it arrived for a medical case.

Solution:  Modern Workspace expedited the shipment AND covered the “white-glove” delivery service ensuring that the person that delivered the cart also assembled it and moved it to the requested location resulting in a successful remote medical consultation.  Johns Hopkins claimed that no other retailer would have done this without hyper-inflating the price and that they would be happy to return to us in the future.

Problem:  A popular game development firm needed a video conferencing solution but had no conference room on-site.  In addition, because of high customer traffic and potential investors visiting their site, they wanted something more permanent rather than a bunch of TV carts cluttering up the office.

Solution:  We guided them the TeamSpace Collaboration Desk by AVTEQ Inc. that we sell, as well as several other solutions by our competitors, potentially sending them away to another retailer and possibly losing their business.  In this case, the TeamSpace was the absolute perfect solution to their particular problem and they sincerely appreciated our candor, rewarding us with the sale.


We specialize in ONE area... and that's workspace collaboration.  Most of our competitors carry everything under the sun.  Not us! At ModernWorkspace, we focus exclusively on workplace efficiency, so that we can offer you outstanding service and expertise.  Whether it's the videoconferencing space, the clinical environment, working from home or on the go... We've got you covered. 


All of our products ship for free within the continental United States! Additionally, we don't charge sales tax on orders placed outside the State of Texas, which can save you hundreds of dollars on a large cart or furniture purchases.  AVTEQ products typically ship the very same day that you place the order.  For Waterloo Medical Carts, please allow 2-3 weeks as the carts are shipped fully assembled to your facility.  Everything ships free arriving in 5-7 days, however if you would like to pay for expedited shipping (2-day) for any non-cart purchase, please indicate at checkout. 


We take outstanding care of our customers, and have earned a reputation as a place you can count on to deliver quality, dependable service.  Especially when you're making a large business purchase, you need to be confident that the company you buy from will support you before AND after the sale.  


If you're buying / installing your first piece of A/V Furniture, mounting a flat-screen to the wall, or even installing a biometric security deadbolt or if you just need a refresher on a topic, our technical library offers a wealth of useful information.  It contains several articles and guides on how to select the right A/V furniture, how to properly install it and how to wire it correctly to your monitors and many other useful articles.  You'll be hard pressed to find detailed resources like this anywhere else and they are all freely available to our customers and visitors.  Additionally, we think you'll find our product listings to be the most detailed and comprehensive available anywhere.  They include full product specs, manuals and detailed descriptions of how each cart, furniture piece and/or accessory works.  We've invested heavily to make our site one of the most informative resources online in the hopes it makes your shopping and decision process easier.  


If we're fortunate enough to earn your business, we'll provide you with the professional, prompt and expert service you deserve.  And in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your order or shipment, we'll work to resolve any problems as quickly as possible at no cost to you.  We want you to be happy with the service you receive, and will do whatever we can to ensure that's the case – that's our personal guarantee. 

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At Modern Workspace we are proud to be a growing small business.  As we continue to grow and expand our presence, we occasionally experience a high volume of customer calls.  If you attempt to contact us and receive our voicemail prompt, our representatives are busy assisting other valued customers BUT we absolutely assure you that we value speaking with you.  Please leave your contact information via our answering system and we will return your call ASAP.

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