High Density Stacking Chair

Our Design is Based on David Rowland's Classic 40/4 Stackable Chair

The history of the original 40/4: 


The 40/4 chair is lauded as the first truly stackable chair, and its name is an expression of that fact: 40 chairs can be stacked within 4 feet. It is a minimalist construction, built originally in 1964 with a sheet metal seat and back. The chair was an instant success, and since then, 8 million chairs have been produced and sold. The reasons why there has never been a slow-down in the popularity of 40/4 chair are timeless design, flexibility, comfort, precision and purpose.

In 1964, David Rowland's 40/4 chair finally went into production, after almost a decade of development and struggles to find a company who would manufacture and sell it. It took eight years before he was finally able to find a buyer interested in purchasing the chair, when Skidmore, Owings and Merrill ordered 17,000 of the chairs on behalf of the University of Chicago.

The chair took off, earning critical recognition in winning the grand prize at the MilanTriennale and was included in the Museum of Modern Art's (MoMA) permanent collection.  It was recognized by the American Institute of Interior Designers in 1965.  As of 2010, the chair was manufactured by OSI Furniture in the U.S. to the North American market and by Howe Furniture in Denmark to the rest of the world.  The chair has seen use at St Paul's Cathedral for the Wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer and on submarines of the United States Navy.


  • 1964 Grand Prix,Milan Triennalefor '40/4 Chair'
  • 1965 Best Piece of Business Furniture award from American Institute of Designers (AID)
  • 1965 Product Engineering Magazine award for '40/4' chair as one of 12 best products introduced in the USA in 1965
  • 1969 Austrian Gold Medal Award for Furniture
  • 1971 Obtained patent application on Soflex®, a new development of thin resilient seating material
  • 1979 Gold Medal for Best Product of entire competition from Institute of Business Designers (IBD)
  • 1979 Gold Medal for Best Product in Special Seating category from Institute Of Business Designers (IBD)
  • 1980International Council of Societies of Industrial Design(ICSID) Exhibition, Milan, Italy
  • 1984 Design in America: The Cranbrook Vision
  • 1992 '40/4 Chair' recognized byMetropolis (architecture magazine)as one of the Classic Designs from Around the World in the past 50 years

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"40/4" and the "David Rowland" brand is copyright property of Howe a/s of Middelfart, Denmark and is used here for historical/ educational purposes.