26" W. Compact Computer Desk with 3 height adjustable shelves

This desk allows to better set the height of the keyboard and monitor shelves to suit each user's needs. Each top shelf has independent height adjustment capability via threaded knobs that screw into the leg frame. Simply screw off 2 knobs, choose the new height, and then screw them back in. No need to re-assemble the desk.

This nice compact & elegant space saving computer desk is only 26" wide and 24" deep.

The bottom shelf, which has 3 height positions within 2 intervals of 4" each, is intended for a printer and a CPU unit.

Both top shelves can also be set to be at equal height, becoming an optimal choice as a small laptop table, easily transportable from room to room.


- Two height adjustable shelves for monitor & keyboard
- Both adjustable from 27.5" to 33.5" high, in one inch increments
- One lower height adjustable shelf for printer & CPU

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