BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Full Length Shield Briefcase

Ballistic protection in a briefcase that unfolds into a full length NIJ IIIA Kevlar bulletproof body shield. Perfect for VIP's, businessmen, government officials, travelers, etc.


- Lightweight at approx. 12 lbs.
- Quick release & opening mechanism
- Large protective area
- NIJ IIIA Kevlar panels
- Opens to full body length
- Measurements: Approx. 14 inch x 48 inch

While we stock most of our products, each bulletproof panel is custom crafted to order. We do not pre-make our panels because ALL anti-ballistic materials, purchased from us or any other company, has an industry standard life of only 5 years. We will not further shorten its longevity by stocking it on our shelves. This is why we cannot offer overnight or expedited shipping on bulletproof products. Our strict QA standards demand that we inspect each product closely due to the nature of its intended use. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality product to our customers.  Having said that, please allow 10 business days from when you place the order to when it ships.  Thanks!

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