Lumbar Cushion with Strap

This Lumbar Cushion is ergonomically contoured to conform to your body while helping to maintain the natural curve of your spine. Adding lumbar support greatly improves most lower back pain conditions. The elastic strap allows the cushion to be affixed around office chairs or simply place behind you in the desired position. This back cushion is not only great for office chairs, but can be used around the home or while traveling. Help your body achieve its natural and healthy makeup with the firm support of this lumbar cushion.

  • Shipping Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Overall Width: 13.25''W
  • Overall Depth: 2.5 - 4''D
  • Overall Height: 12.5''H
  • Outbound Shipping: **1 Per Box**
Additional Info:
    • Multipurpose Lumbar Cushion
    • Use in the Office, Home or while Traveling
    • Ergonomic shape supports mid and lower back
    • Firm Support
    • Dense Foam Padding
    • Breathable, Black Mesh Covering
    • Removable Mesh Material for easy cleaning
    • Elastic Strap

Collections: Lumbar Cushions

Type: Lumbar Cushion

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