Mobile Sit-Down, Stand-Up Mahogany Computer Desk with Removable Pouch

Achieve a healthier way of working with this contemporary, versatile laptop computer desk. We all know that sitting for hours is an unhealthy practice, but with long work days it has become more common. Standing helps strengthen leg muscles, improves your balance and promotes healthy blood flow. Standing even burns more calories than sitting. This desk gives you the option to sit down or stand up. The long adjustment range of this desk make it suitable for people of all heights. When preparing for work you should adjust the desk so the surface is at the most comfortable position for typing.   (Adjustable Range 27'' - 46.5'')

  • Shipping Weight: 30.84 lbs.
  • Overall Width: 24''W
  • Overall Depth: 20''D
  • Overall Height: 27.5 - 46.75''H
  • Outbound Shipping: **1 Per Box**
Additional Info:
    • Contemporary Design
    • Sit-Down and Stand-Up Desk
    • Perfect for Laptop Usage
    • Mahogany Melamine Finish
    • Black Edge Band
    • Top Surface: 24''W x 16''D
    • Bottom Surface: 21''W x 17.75''D
    • Fabric Storage Pouch with Velcro Closure
    • Height Adjustable Frame
    • Black Powder Coat Frame Finish
    • Dual Wheel Casters; Four Locking

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